Patient Participation Group

We are an independent group of volunteers drawn from within the registered patient list of Wellington Medical Centre.

The object of the Patient Participation Group is to promote the relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of health for the public benefit by fostering the highest possible standard of primary medical care through the medium of patient participation.

The aims of the Patient Participation Group are


Members of the group will act as a communication channel between the Wellington Medical Centre team and the local community in order to help patients use the facilities to the best advantage and the practice to implement policies influenced by representative patient view.

Fund Raising

The Group has the option to act as a focus for funding raising activities. This includes undertaking work to enable the Medical Centre to gain additional funding from the Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England.

Health Education

The group will advise the Medical Centre of health education needs in the community in order for the Medical Centre to provide appropriate and useful health education meetings.

This ‘advice’ will be determined in the future by the group collating information gathered via the Patient Reference Group and patients using the surgery and where necessary targeting surveys on sections of the community to determine these requirements more accurately.

Clinical Commissioning Group

The group, or successor organisation, will be informed of the general practice policies relating to Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group to which the Medical Centre belongs. The Group will express opinions on these policies on behalf of the patients. The Practice will give appropriate consideration to these opinions within the Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group.

Elected Officers from the Patient Group will attend meetings / conferences with NHS Somerset and other service providers and will seek to represent the views of the Patients and Wellington Medical Centre. They will pass on information gathered to the wider patient community, and will when necessary seek to gather the community response.


Membership of the group shall be open and free to patients and staff subject to the following.

Members will be expected to sign and comply with the confidentiality agreement drawn up by the Medical Centre and Patient Participation Group.

The Medical Centre must be consulted with regard to all new applicants and they will have the final say with regard to membership.

No applicant for membership will be considered if the patient has a record of anti-social behaviour towards any employees or users of the Medical Centre.

If such anti-social behaviour is deems to have taken place whilst a member, then that person’s membership of the group would be immediately terminated.

Attendance at Meetings

Any patient registered with the practice can attend Patient Group meetings as a guest. However, guests will be asked to leave the meeting if any items on the agenda are subject to the confidentiality agreement.

Guests are not permitted to intervene or vote during meetings but can ask members to act as the representative.

Treatment Confidentiality

No discussion related to any patients actual medical treatment whilst a patient at the Medical Centre or subject to a referral from a Doctor at the Medical Centre will be entered into as it falls outside of the constitution of the group.

Any member or applicant to the group attempting to raise treatment as an issue will be warned by Chair of the group and continued attempts to do so will result in expulsion from group.


The more active members of the group may be asked to volunteer their time to assist the Medical Centre in undertaking its normal activities or activities that will then promote the patient/Medical Centre/NHS relationship.

If you are interested in contributing to the Patient Participation Group, Patient Reference Group, would like more information or would like to be a guest at a meeting, the group would like to hear from you.

Representation by, and the views of the younger age groups of our patients is particularly important.

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