eXroid Haemorrhoid Treatment

Mr Paul Mackey - Colorectal Surgeon
Mr Paul Mackey – Colorectal Surgeon

Mr Paul Mackey qualified from Southampton Medical School in 1992 and undertook a variety of junior surgical training post in Wales, the South West and Queensland, Australia. He then went on to obtain an MD thesis looking at anal sphincter damage and faecal incontinence following childbirth. His higher surgical training was undertaken in Wales. He then went on to complete a Colorectal Fellowship in St George Hospital, Sydney, Australia. He completed his surgical training in 2006.

eXroid electrotherapy treatment for haemorrhoids.

Mr Mackey offers one of the UK’s latest innovations for the treatment of haemorrhoids – eXroid electroptherapy.

Haemorrhoid electrotherapy treatment is one of the most gentle and least invasive available today.

The majority of eXroid patients say that this straightforward procedure incurs minimal or no discomfort. A gentle current is applied to the base of each haemorrhoid for up to ten minutes. During treatment the piles shrink, and if not completely gone they can continue to shrink for a week or more following treatment.

Sedation and anaesthetic are not required – and there’s no mandatory recovery time (not even one day). Most patients who’ve shared their experience say they are able to walk straight out of the clinic and return immediately to their normal activities.

Mr Mackey says “I have now had the opportunity to treat over 100 patients suffering with haemorrhoids with the eXroid electrotherapy treatment. Admittedly I was somewhat sceptical as to what could realistically be achieved by such a relatively straightforward and practically painless treatment, but the feedback from patients has been absolutely amazing. We are not far from eXroid becoming universally the first-line treatment for haemorrhoids, and banishing such ineffective treatments such as banding to history”.

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